Commuter Challenge



Go from point A to B while reducing your C – carbon emissions! Commit to one week of sustainable modes of transportation to and from campus.

June 3-7

Leave your car at home and choose a mode of transportation with lesser impact on the environment, such as biking, walking, rollerblading, carpooling, telecommuting or taking public transit.

You’ll not only be reducing your carbon footprint and the number of single-occupant vehicles on the road, but you could also use your commute time for something more rewarding. A bike ride doubles as a cardio workout, a bus or train ride offers you a chance to catch up on some reading and carpooling allows you the opportunity to build friendships with your colleagues.

Already take these modes of transportation? You can still register! You may even challenge yourself to go further. For example, if you take the bus, try biking or walking instead.


  • Register your team by May 31, 2024. A team can be one person or a group (office, lab or unit).
  • Assign one main contact per team to receive resources, including the form for tracking trips.
  • Using the trip tracking form, track each of your trips to and from work during the week of the challenge.



Two teams will win a prize, and take home the glory of the Commuter Challenge Cup! There are two ways to win: highest number of sustainable trips and highest percentage of sustainable trips.


An office of five people would equal a total of 50 trips taken to and from work, unless otherwise specified in the registration form.

  • 3 people biked 2 days
    (3 people x 2 days x 2 trips per day = 12)
  • 1 person telecommuted 1 day
    (1 person x 1 day x 2 trips avoided per day = 2)
  • 1 person took the bus 5 days
    (1 person x 5 days x 2 trips per day = 10)

24 trips were sustainable OR 48% of trips were sustainable.

In the event of a tie, points will be awarded for each trip based on the mode of transportation.

  • Non-motorized transport (biking, rolling, walking, telecommuting): 1 point
  • Sustainable motorized transport (public transit, carpooling): 0.5 points


The team with the highest number of sustainable trips will win a catered lunch for their team provided by Horowitz Event Centre catering.

The team with the highest percentage of sustainable trips will win vouchers for sustainable transportation methods for each of their team members.

2023 champions

  • Career Centre (Highest number of sustainable trips)
  • Life Safety (Highest percentage of sustainable trips)

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