Copyright Review of Course Materials - Fall 2019

Course Instructors are reminded to submit their Fall 2019 Course Materials for copyright review as soon as possible....

Copyright Office - 24 June 2019

All course instructors whose course materials Fall 2019 are subject to copyright review (as outlined below) are reminded to submit a Copyright Review Request Form for those readings and related materials for each such course to as soon as possible.

Given that there may be materials that require separate licences or permissions for the intended use, please provide as much lead-time as possible when submitting your Copyright Review Request Form (we normally recommend 6-8 weeks).

Please note that the following course materials are subject to copyright review:

a) course materials that are to be distributed in print format where those materials include selections that are reproduced from copyright-protected source publications; and

b) course materials that are to be distributed in electronic format where the intended selection is not within the University of Alberta Fair Dealing Guidelines or where there are other indicators that permission to distribute the selection is required (e.g., e-licence terms which do not allow for the proposed use).

Additional details are available on this website.

University of Alberta Fair Dealing Guidelines

Copyright Review Request Form

Copying and Distributing Course Materials

The submission requirements for the copyright review of course materials for Fall 2019 have not changed from what has been in place for recent academic terms. However, please note that there is a Use of Copyright Material Procedure (UAPPOL), along with a "Course Materials Copyright Information Document" that formalize and clarify these practices.

For print course materials (course packages, printed compilations), please submit your order for printing, along with the requested course materials, to SUBprint. Please then submit a completed Copyright Review Request Form to the Once the Copyright Office has received both the review form and a copy of the printed course package from SUBprint, the Copyright Office review will begin.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Copyright Help Desk at

If your unit would like to receive a presentation on copyright issues, please contact to schedule one.