Opening Up Copyright Modules - Update

OUC Team - 2 November 2022

The University of Alberta’s Opening Up Copyright (OUC) instructional modules team is pleased to announce the launch of five new modules:

 The first two modules address copyright in the K-12 context, and were developed in collaboration with Dr. Cathy Adams (University of Alberta, Faculty of Education) and with support from the University of Alberta's Support for Advancement of Scholarship (SAS) fund.

The next three modules introduce users to both the topic of copyright and the series itself. After five years the project has 35 modules total, and is now able to provide instructional resources from the most introductory aspects of copyright to explorations of specific sections of the Copyright Act and relevant case law.

In addition, the following article has been added to the Scholarly Contributions section of the website: Guy, J., and McNally, M. B. (2022). “Ten key factors for making educational and instructional videos.” Scholarly and Research Communication, 13(2): 1-18.

Special thanks to all the contributors to the series, and specifically the seven Graduate Research Assistants, whose hard work and creativity has been crucial to its development and success over the past five years.

In Winter 2023 we will begin working on the review and updating of all the instructional modules, with a focus on the following:

  • Access Copyright v. York University
  • Public Domain, and other modules that deal with term length

If you or someone you know might be interested in translating the modules, the OUC team would be happy to discuss potential funding possibilities to facilitate both translating and a research study of how the modules must be adapted (with respect to script, visuals, and the final videos themselves).

All of the OUC modules, including slides and scripts, are published under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence. This means they can be adopted and adapted by anyone. If you are linking to, adopting, or adapting the modules we would love to hear about it! 

 We can be reached at