For Undergraduate Students

Specific resources related to copyright for the undergraduate student community at the University of Alberta are currently under development. However, the following resources on this site are expected to be of use to undergraduate students:

Intro to Copyright Law, Overview - 5 key concepts

Canadian Copyright Law - a more detailed overview of the basic principles

Using Images - how copyright law applies to the use of images in a range of contexts

Notice and Notice Regime - the hows and whys around the legal requirement that the University forward notices it receives regarding alleged infringing uploading and downloading activity to the users associated with that activity

Sharing Course Notes and Study Materials Online - what you need to know about Course Hero, OneClass, and other such services

Helping Students Understand Copyright and Plagiarism - knowing the similarities and differences between copyright infringement and plagiarism may help you avoid both

Opening Up Copyright Instructional Modules - a set of modules on various aspects of copyright

Useful Links - notable blogs, organizations and other resources related to copyright

University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour - from U of A governance


Student & Staff Guide