PEER (evidence based medicine)

PEER evolved from the curiosity of a small group of family physicians into a team of primary care providers who are engaged in evidence based medicine research as well as teaching in the department. The PEER team consist of:

Dr. Tina Korownyk Adrienne Lindblad Nikita McEwan
Dr. Jessica Kirkwood James McCormack Samantha Moe
Dr. Mike Kolber Joey Ton Nicholas Dugre
Dr. Scott Garrison Betsy Thomas
Dr. Mike Allan Danielle Perry





Below you can find links to some of the resources developed by PEER. You can find more resources and information about the team's work on the PEER website.

Evidence based medicine education supported by PEER focuses on providing residents with the understanding and skills to formulate clinical questions, determine the best resources to answer questions, access resources, quickly appraise evidence available and put evidence into practice. As part of the learning, residents take part in a Family Medicine Evidence Based Workshop and a brief evidence-based assessment of Research (BEARS) activity.

managing-opioid-use-in-primary-care-may-2020.jpgpeer-picks-tools-for-practice-may-2020.jpg pain-calc-may-2020.jpgbest-medicin-podcast.jpg opioid-use-disorder-pathway-may-2020.jpgpharm-pricing-may-2020.jpg osteoarthritis-and-decision-making-may-2020.jpg

Although the team is very involved in evidence based medicine, each member also brings other interests to the department.

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