How to obtain a Criminal Record Check from the Edmonton Police Service

Applications for Police Information Check (also referred to as Security Clearance or Criminal Records Check) can be completed at any Edmonton Police Service (EPS) divisional or community station, although application processing will take longer. Listed below are two ways to obtain a check:

  1. On the spot processing - available when a Police Information Check is required for obtaining new employment. This service enables citizens to receive a completed Police Information Check in single visit to the Police Information Check office (pending there is no information to disclose on your Police Information Check).
  2. Express processing - available for those not requiring their Police Information Check for immediate employment purposes and who wish to drop off, pay and wait for their completed Police Information Check. These checks can picked up in person or mailed.

    Police Information Check Fee: $48

Security clearance checks obtained from the EPS will be processed through several indices:

  • Edmonton Police Service local records;
  • Justice Online Information Network (JOIN) - Alberta court records; and theCanadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) - National police records.

For more information, please consult the Edmonton Police Service website or community station.