Derek Truscott


Derek Truscott, PhD, is a Professor, Director of Counselling Training in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, and a Registered Psychologist. He has practiced in hospital, community, group home, rehabilitation, and private settings. Derek is the author of three books, including Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada (now in its third edition), Ethics and Law for Teachers (in its second edition), and Becoming an Effective Psychotherapist, as well as many book chapters, articles, and presentations on the topic of what it takes to be a good psychologist. By “good,” he means one who is effective, helpful, influential, and impactful – who is sought out by people suffering from personal problems and to whom other psychologists refer or seek out themselves. He also means “good” in the sense of one who is ethical, principled, virtuous, and moral – who knows how to do and does the right thing and is sought out by others wanting to do likewise. Derek lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Selected Publications

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