Kathyrn Dong

kathyrn dong
Kathryn Dong, MD, MSc, FRCP, DRCSPC is an addiction medicine physician at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton, AB. She co-developed and was the medical lead for the Addiction Recovery and Community Health (ARCH) Team, an addiction medicine consult service that was first implemented at the RAH in 2014. Prior to this, she worked as an emergency physician at the RAH and Stollery Children’s hospital.

Kathryn is currently the Alberta Health Services Chair in Emergency Medicine Research and the Social Accountability Lead for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. In addition, she is the Chair of the Addiction Medicine Area of Focused Competence Committee for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Her research and advocacy work is focused on improved acute care medical services for people who use substances.

Selected Publications

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Guidance Documents

Dong, K., Meador, K., Hyshka, E., Salokangas, E., Burton-MacLeod, S., Bablitz, C., Lail, P., Colizza, K., Etches, N., Cardinal, C., Twan, S., Gilani, F., Brooks, H. L, & Wild, T. C. (2021, January 29). Supporting people who use substances in acute care settings during the COVID-19 pandemic - Interim Guidance Document Edmonton, Alberta: Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse. 62p. Version 2.

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“Guidance Document on the Management of Substance Use in Acute Care Settings in Alberta”. Published January 2020, Alberta. Available at https://crismprairies.ca/management-of-substance-use-in-acute-care-settings-in-alberta-guidance-document/