Sadie Deschenes

Sadie Deschenes, PhD, RN, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing and Adjunct Assistant Professor with the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre, University of Alberta. Her research interests include ethics, moral distress, intervention development
, healthcare professional retention, and improving Indigenous Peoples' health in the critical care setting. Sadie has clinical experience as a registered nurse in pediatric critical care and outpatient neurology. 

Selected Publications

Deschenes, S., Scott, S., & Kunyk, D. (2023). Mitigating moral distress: Pediatric critical care nurses’ recommendations. HEC Forum.

Deschenes, S., Tate, K., Scott, S.D., & Kunyk, D. (2021). Experiences of Moral Distress: A Scoping Review. International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Deschenes, S., Gagnon, M., Park, T., & Kunyk., D. (2020). Moral distress: A concept clarification. Nursing Ethics.

Deschenes, S. & Kunyk, D. (2019). Situating Moral Distress Within Relational Ethics. Nursing Ethics.