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Hello Instructors and Invigilators!

UAlberta Law uses Exam4 for its laptop exams.  This is almost identical to invigilating a handwritten exam.  Since there are so few hand-writers, to maintain anonymity please wait for a staff member to collect any handwriting exams at the end.

Each student has been emailed an Exam Taker ID for this term.  If a student does not have theirs, please either direct them to me (Tim Young), or if there is no time to do so, have them use their CCID or name instead, and notify me so I can replace this with their proper ETID.

If you cannot be present, it is your responsibility to find an invigilator for your exam.  Start your exam when you and your students are ready — it is not necessary to wait for confirmation from me, but let me know if any technical difficulties arise. (I will be moving from room to room.)

Please bring your cell phone so you can voice call me if any problems arise.  Do not rely on text messages, since their transmission is too often substantially delayed.  If a student has a technical problem, please advise them to start handwriting, and then call me immediately at 780-445-9605I will salvage their typed portion, amalgamate it with their handwritten responses, and I'll try to get their laptop back in working order right away so they can continue to type.  I will also have limited emergency laptops on hand.

Pick up your exam question papers from the Dean's Suite (room 481) and arrive in your examination room 15 minutes early.  The students have also been instructed to arrive at this time, to load Exam4, and to click “Begin Exam” as soon as possible.  Exam4 will then perform a security check which may take from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, after which the typing screen will appear.  Please ensure they do this right away, to allow me to time to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

As with a handwritten exam, please walk around the room and make sure nobody starts typing before you tell them to begin, or after you tell them to stop.  Also, make sure all students have closed the exam before leaving the room.  Exam4 does not forcefully shut down at the end of the exam.  (If Exam4 is open and the exam text is black and NOT blue, then they have not closed the exam.)  Any exams that have been closed late will be visible in our logs and will be dealt with appropriately.

Basic instructions will be posted for the students on the main screen in each room.  There will be one slide for starting the exam, and another for shutting it down.  Advance to the ‘shutdown’ slide when you deem it to be appropriate.

If your exam is in room 201 or 207, please have the students check beneath their tables to make sure their power outlets are plugged in.  The outlets on those tables are similar to power bars (which plug into secondary outlets beneath the tables), and those plugs are frequently kicked loose.


Tim Young
Room 110C
Law Centre