Gene Lists

Our gene lists are pathogenesis-based transcripts sets (PBTs) that were generated by using Affymetrix Microarrays. The PBTs were defined to represent the major biologic events in cellular graft rejection, cytotoxic T-cell infiltration, interferon-gamma effects and epithelial deterioration. They were derived from experimental mouse kidney transplants, cultured cells and human kidney biopsies.

Human PBTs: kidney and inflammatory cells

Core PBT List (HG U133_2.0_plus arrays) U133 Core PBTs.xlsx
Core PBT List (HG U219 arrays) U219 Core PBTs.xlsx

Human PBTs: cardiac injury and cardiac associated; HG U133_2.0_plus arrays

Cardiac injury and cardiac associated transcripts cIRIT HT.xlsx

Mouse PBTs; MG 430_2.0 arrays

CTL associated transcripts mCATs.xls
True gamma IFN and rejection induced transcripts mtGRITs.xls
Occult gamma IFN and rejection induced transcripts moGRITs.xls
Gamma-IFN suppressed transcripts mGSTs.xls
Alternative Macrophage Activation Transcripts mAMATs.xls
Class I-suppressed transcripts mCISTs.xls
Injury and repair induced transcripts mIRITs.xls
Renal transcripts mRTs.xls
Solute Carriers mSlcs.xls