Student Services

The IHIP Team Members provide Indigenous students and applicants who are planning their professional health sciences degrees with the following services:


  1. Assistance and facilitating during the admissions process.
    1. Indigenous applicants must meet all academic qualifications when applying for professional health sciences programs.
    2. The IHIP Administrator will assist with the admissions process and connect applicants to available supports.
    3. Students are given the opportunity to visit the campus early in the application process.
    4. During the applicant interviews (where applicable), at least one of the panel members will be of Indigenous descent.
    5. Applicants, students and interviewers are invited to a supper after the applicant interviews.
  2. MCAT Prep.
    • The IHIP Team can assist with getting applicants enrolled in available supports.
    • IHIP Team Members are available to meet with applicants as they require.
  3. IHI and Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry activities
    • The IHIP has programs and curriculum available for primary and secondary education students. Indigenous schools should enquire at

    Health Horizon Days

    Portable Science Experiments

    Student visits and activities on campus

    • Events take place throughout the year to celebrate academic achievements.
    • Recruitment and school fairs.
    • Primary Focus on Health Sciences and promoting interest in health careers.