Advanced Quality Improvement Program (AQI)

The L3 Advanced Quality Improvement Program (AQI) is a key educational pillar at the Office of Lifelong Learning.
Our goal is to build QI capacity throughout the healthcare system using a train-the-trainer model and a well established quality improvement approach.
The L3 AQI program expands on the EPIQ workshop developed by the Canadian Neonatal Network (CNN) and the Canadian Neonatal Foundation (CNF) which uses a straightforward process that helps individuals and teams improve the quality of care that they provide, using a hands-on approach that enables teams to successfully implement QI together.


The EPIQ Workshop: Training front-line teams in quality improvement methods

Each workshop incorporates a series of 10 steps that build a team's understanding of quality improvement using evidence-based tools and realistic improvement opportunities. The workshop's collaborative approach parallels the team-based nature of healthcare, giving groups the language, skills, and tools needed to carry out their first improvement project.

The learning objectives are that participants, using simulated or real-life quality improvement opportunities, will be able to:

  • Work together as teams
  • Use quality improvement (QI) tools
  • Plan QI activities in their facilities and communities
  • Explain the EPIQ 10 Steps and tools to new learners (if taking a train-the-trainer workshop)


In each 4-6 hour workshop you will learn:

  • Why improvement science is valuable in health care and everyday life
  • Gain expertise on the QI process and understand how to implement it in your context
  • Establish a stronger understanding of your opportunities for change
  • Break down implementation into achievable steps
  • Get a handle on the logistics: plans, team creation, measurement, and more 

 EPIQ in your workplace

The clear and systematic nature of EPIQ process makes it easy for healthcare providers and educators in your workplace to become agents of change. Local champions quickly develop the confidence to support team-based quality improvement activities. The EPIQ process provides tools for post-workshop activity and opportunities for local quality improvement champions to become EPIQ facilitators.

Refined over 15 years of clinical trials, EPIQ clarifies the quality improvement process and addresses both the technical and human dimensions in orchestrating change.

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