QI Training and Webinars


Our special, no previous experience needed, "Train-the-Trainer" virtual workshop is intended for those who wish to become QI facilitators. This Train-the-Trainer workshop covers the EPIQ workshop content developed by CNN and CNF, as well as additional material developed by the Office of Lifelong Learning that focuses on developing your knowledge and skills as a co-facilitator. We address common issues that groups encounter during the workshop and give facilitation tips for guiding teams. You'll learn how to help participants work with each QI tools effectively, and tips to help you co-facilitate the QI workshops.

Enrollment for L3 hosted Train-the-Trainer workshops are limited to 18 participants, with a qualified facilitator assigned to each six-person breakout room, to maximize opportunities for individual participation, discussion, and learning. 

We also provide a Zoom tutorial about co-facilitating in a virtual environment, using breakout rooms in Zoom, and how to incorporate virtual tools that participants use during the workshop.