Current Students

MatCH Students group photo on ECHA atrium stairs

Upon admission to the MatCH Program, students are required to complete a mandatory course, and attend seminars in each of the participating departments. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships. More information can be found below.


Each student should be registered in Thesis 909 for Fall & Winter semesters. Students should be registered in Thesis 906 if taking a 3* course during the semester (and in Spring/Summer terms).

PAED 600 Critical Discussions of Biomedical and Clinical Research

This course will follow a "discovery learning" format to critically evaluate scientific literature in round table discussions. Articles will be selected by the course instructors, and discussed amongst the class. All students will be encouraged to offer constructive criticisms that will foster learning about principles of biomedical and clinical research as presented in the health sciences literature related to Paediatrics. Discussions will focus on (but will not be limited to) methodology and methods, scientific rigor, statistical inference, and accurate evaluation of conclusions based on data presented. Topics will be selected from clinical and basic science literature.

MatCH students must complete PAED 600 while enrolled in the program. Fall admissions will complete the course in their first semester, while Winter admissions will complete the course the following Fall. The course is not available in the winter semester.


Two seminars per month in each of the associated departments are mandatory for students within MatCH program. Students are responsible for tracking their own attendance at each seminar.


Pediatric Grand Rounds

These sessions occur each Thursday morning 0800-0900. Contact to be added to the topic announcement distribution list.
Attendance can be tracked by signing up for an account on the Pediatric Grand Rounds attendance site.

Connecting Through Research

Connecting Through Research is a child research seminar series directed at enhancing collaboration among graduate students, trainees and faculty in the Department of Pediatrics and affiliated partners. Lunch is provided. More information is available on the Department of Pediatrics website.

Medical Genetics

Details for the Medical Genetics Seminar Series can be found on the Medical Genetics website and calendar.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology Grand Rounds

Occur weekly on Fridays at 7:30am at RAH but are available by Telehealth. The topic notification email signupt is here.

Perinatal/NICU Rounds

Attendance for these sessions can also be tracked on the ObGyn rounds attendance site (different login than Pediatrics attendance site).


MatCH students are encouraged to apply for scholarships, which provide valuable additions to the graduate program and the student's CV. If an award is received, the supervisor and Department's contribution will be reduced by the amount of the award. The MatCH Program Administrator must be notified as soon as possible after receiving notification of receipt of awards/funding to ensure changes to student pay are made to avoid overpayments.

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

The internal Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry scholarship deadlines can be found here. The Medical Sciences Graduate Program also offers award competitions.

WCHRI Studentships

MatCH students are strongly encouraged to become WCHRI members and apply to the Graduate Studentship Competition; the competition is usually announced in December, with an April deadline. More information can be found here.