Electives Catalogue, Year 3-4

Clerkship electives can start in the summer between Years 2 and 3 and continue through Years 3 and 4, providing you with opportunities to experience a variety of clinical settings. You can use the electives catalogue to view the clerkship electives options. You can find electives using the search bar or sort the list by title or department. To get more information about each elective, such as contact information, description and list of objectives, click on the title. Electives can generally be requested through Cally (for University of Alberta students) or the AFMC Portal (for visiting Canadian medical students).

Rural Elective Diversification: Rural electives will be classified based on the predominant role or primary training of the preceptor.

Connect Care + NetCare: Depending on the elective, Connect Care and/or NetCare may be required. When NetCare access is required, visiting students must request access a minimum of 6 weeks before the elective start date. Please consult the "Netcare" information tab at the bottom of our Institution Profile for more information about how to request this access. When Connect Care access is required for an elective, visiting students will be sent an email from AHS directly with information prior to the first day of the elective.

Electives Catalogue