Outgoing Electives

How to Apply for an Outgoing Elective:

  1. Contact the Program Director at your desired medical school to discuss the details of the elective.

  2. Complete the appropriate Out-Going Elective Registration Form: 

    • Outgoing Elective Form - Interprovincial
      Note: Residents completing a interprovincial elective are required to submit the Outgoing Elective Form at least 3 months in advance.

    • Outgoing Elective Form - International 
      Note: Residents completing an international elective are required to submit the Outgoing Elective - International Form at least 6 months in advance and are also responsible for any other paperwork that is required by the receiving university.

    • Outgoing Form - International Education Course 
      Note: Residents completing an international educational course are required to submit the Outgoing Elective - International Educational Course Form at least 4 months in advance. An Education Course is one in which no clinical work will be done and licensure is not required. 

  3. Send your completed form to the PGME Office.

    PGME Office

    c/o Barb Haekel
    2-76 Zeidler Ledcor Centre
    112 Street & 85 Avenue
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T6G 2X8

    E-mail: pgelect@ualberta.ca

Additional Steps

Arrange your own liability insurance. 

You will not be allowed to partake in their program if you lack adequate insurance. Insurance can be secured through:

  • the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) for electives in Canada
  • Residents travelling to the United States for electives should contact the state authority for insurance information.