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Incoming Elective:

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What is an Incoming Elective?

An incoming resident or fellowship elective is a trainee who is enrolled in an Postgraduate Medical Education Program at another institution and is coming to the University of Alberta to undertake a portion of their training. The training they receive at the University of Alberta is to be assessed and may be counted towards credit for their training at their home institution.

Am I eligible?

Applicants must be enrolled in a residency at another university. 

All visiting residents must be registered with the Provisional Register of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. CMPA liability coverage is mandatory.

 *AHS has mandated immunization to protect against COVID-19 for all healthcare workers.  In order to be considered fully vaccinated, Resident Physicians must receive the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, or the first dose of a single-dose vaccine no later than October 16, 2021.  Please review the AHS policy online (Immunization of Workers for COVID-19 Policy) and ensure you are compliant prior to commencing any rotation on AHS, Alberta Precision Laboratories, Covenant Health, Carewest and CapitalCare property.



Outgoing Elective:

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What is an Outgoing Elective?

An out-going resident or fellowship elective is any trainee who is currently enrolled in a University of Alberta Postgraduate residency program and is planning to pursue an elective experience outside the University of Alberta as part of their postgraduate training. Rotational objectives of the elective must be clearly defined and appropriate evaluations obtained.

Am I eligible?
Residents and fellows registered in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry are eligible to complete an elective at another university. Residents and fellows interested in completing an elective at another medical school can complete the Out-Going Elective Registration Form and submit it to the PGME Office. Residents and fellows  should contact their program director or educational supervisor to discuss the details of the elective prior to submitting the form.