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Caregiver Centered Care - Supporting Family Caregivers in Healthcare

Caregiver Centered Care is person-centered care for family caregivers. It is about a collaborative working relationship between families and health and community care professionals.

RETAIN Preview

RETAIN - Neonatal Resuscitation

Neonatal resuscitation is a HALO event (high acuity, low occurrence). Our goal was to make training more accessible to learners, starting with how teams worked together.


The Edmonton Frail Scale

The Edmonton Frail Scale is a multidimensional frailty measure that can be used for case-finding, to estimate severity, and to enhance care planning. We worked with Dr. Darryl Rolfson, the creator of the EFS, to develop a complete training and certification system.

3D Heart Project - Visualizing the Heart

Our team worked with a doctor in the Stollery Children's Hospital on the design of a 3D visualization-based resident curriculum for congenital heart disease, utilizing 3D-printing, stereoscopy, and 2D print mediums.

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