Brain, Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Focus

  • Behavioural Neuroscience - uses animal models to understand brain-behaviour correlates. Examples include the influence of genetics, emotions, and other brain states on general behaviours as well as on learning and memory. Applications of this research include assessing the effectiveness of therapies for people with brain injuries.
  • Systems Neuroscience - explores the dynamic neural mechanisms that correspond to behavioural state (for example sleep versus waking). It also explores how perceptual neural systems represent complex sensory stimuli such as species-specific calls.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience - using experimental techniques, clinical studies of brain-damaged patients, and brain imaging methods, cognitive neuroscientists study the brain's role in higher cognitive functions such as in memory, language access, reasoning, and object recognition.

Associated Psychology Research Labs


Fred Colbourne
Clayton Dickson
Ben Dyson
Alona Fyshe
Dana Hayward
Kyle Mathewson
Anthony Singhal
Peggy St Jacques

Post-doctoral Fellows


Research Associate

Reyhaneh Bakhtiari

Graduate Students

Atkin, Alice
Fedor, Brittany
Kalisvaart, Anna
Kluger, Felicitas
Kung, Tiffany
Liddle, Lane
Ling, Sijie
Harati Mokhtari, Parastoo
Ma, Helen
Na, Eunchan
Prinsen, Ruby
Robles, Daniel
Stone, Scott
Tomczak, Michelle
Ward-Flannagan, Rachel
Wilkinson, Cassandra
Wispinski, Nathan
Wood, Julia
Zhang, Yajing