Department of Psychology MacEachran Statement July 28, 2021

28 July 2021

The Psychology Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group (PEDIWG) would like to direct members of the Department of Psychology community at the University of Alberta to the “Report of the MacEachran Subcommittee” written by members of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Alberta in 1998. The report briefly details Professor John M. MacEachran’s academic history at the University of Alberta, including his role in founding the Department of Philosophy and Psychology where he served as head of the Department. Following this, the committee details the history of MacEachran's significant and long involvement in the horrific and inhumane eugenics movement in the Province of Alberta. Professor MacEachran served as the Chair of the Eugenics Board. The PEDIWG endorses the Report of the MacEachran Subcommittee in full, condemns eugenics and other racist and discriminatory ideas, and opposes the use of psychology to promote racist and discriminatory practices.

This Statement was written and endorsed by the Department of Psychology EDI Working Group.