Gender Equality Week

7 September 2023

Dear students and colleagues,

We are reaching out to you today in recognition of "Gender Equality Week," an annual event observed during the fourth week of September across Canada. This week serves as a platform to honor the invaluable contributions made by women and gender-diverse communities to Canada's development. It also stands as a tribute to the remarkable milestones achieved on our journey towards achieving gender equality.

While we take this time to celebrate, it is equally important for us to engage in reflection. This occasion prompts us to not only commemorate our successes but also to contemplate the areas where progress remains incomplete. It renews our commitment to addressing the persistent disparities in gender equality that continue to affect our communities.

See this link to learn about Goal 5 of the University of Alberta Sustainability Council: Gender Equality.

To learn more about Gender Equality Week, we encourage you to explore the following resources from the Government of Canada:

As members of the Psychology EDI Committee, we are dedicated to ongoing education, learning, and action. Our aim is to create accessible, inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist classrooms and work environments. We are here to support you and welcome any suggestions or concerns you may have.


Jennifer Passey and Anthony Singhal (Co-Chairs of the Psychology EDI Committee)
Sent on behalf of the Psychology EDI Committee