Graduate Students in the Intercultural Communication Lab

The Intercultural Communication Lab is seeking curious and energetic graduate students who are interested in the social and cultural dynamics of language and communication, especially in contexts where people interact with others from different social and cultural backgrounds. Current lab projects examine:

  1. Language and identity development in immigrants to Canada
  2. The implications of cultural, socio-political and interpersonal contexts for the motivation to learn and use new languages
  3. Prejudiced communication in intercultural interactions

An excellent academic record is required, along with strong oral and written communication skills in English and ideally another language (current projects focus on Mandarin and French). Also required is an eagerness to learn and use both advanced statistical and interpretive analyses with quantitative and qualitative data, respectively. Ideal applicants would have a bachelors or Master's degree in psychology, but those with degrees in linguistics, communication, education or another social science relevant to language and communication will also be considered.

Students who wish to work and learn in a collaborative team environment and take initiative in their academic and professional development, in order to contribute to scholarly understanding of language and communication and to share that knowledge with both academic and non-expert audiences are encouraged to apply to join our team.