Peggy St Jacques

PhD in Visual Perspective in Memory

The Memory for Events (ME) Lab, directed by Dr. Peggy L. St. Jacques, is offering a fully funded PhD position to start in Autumn 2020.

The ME Lab takes a cognitive neuroscience approach to study memories for complex events, including autobiographical memories. Current research in the lab investigates the role of visual perspective during the formation and retrieval of memories, using immersive virtual reality (i.e., Oculus Rift) and 360 video methodologies. Applicants interested in PhD research on this topic using behavioural and/or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) are invited to apply.

We are seeking outstanding applicants with a background related to one or more of the following: memory, cognitive neuroscience, experience with using immersive VR and/or experience with 360 video methodologies. Applicants should be highly motivated team players with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Computer programming (e.g., MATLAB, Python or other programming languages) are highly desirable but not a requirement.

For more information about the ME Lab, contact: