Global Partnerships

Research & innovation without borders

Tackling today's large and complex issues not only demands collaboration across diverse fields, but across international boundaries. Research drives knew knowledge, discoveries and innovations that advance our lives and world and therefore should not happen in a vacuum or be bound by geographic or national boundaries.

UAlberta is globally focused and active via our research collaborations, researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students. Our partnerships span the globe and involve other universities, research institutes, governments, government agencies, non-profits, technical institutes, industry, foundations and community organizations.

International partnerships and collaborations exist at all levels of our organization:

  • Institutional level: usually large collaborations involving multiple faculties.
  • Faculty/department/centre&institute level: many more partnerships exist at this levels,
  • Faculty member level: and even more at the individual faculty member level.

Because of the number of our collaborations, this page will only highlight institutional level partnerships. Details on collaborations at other levels can be found on faculty websites and individual faculty member, research groups, labs, center and institute sites.

Power of international partnerships

  • Provide access to expertise and equipment around the world to better tackle complex issues.
  • Enable Alberta researchers extend their research activities, and contribute on a global level.
  • Help maximize the application and impact of Alberta research and innovation, and the sharing of resulting educational, societal and economic benefits.
  • Include faculty/student mobility agreements, which help attract international researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows to UAlberta, who in turn, enrich our province and country, and help
    strengthen and expand Alberta research expertise, discovery and innovation.

Strategic partnerships
While we have partnerships throughout the world, over the past 10 years we have focused on strategic institutional level partnerships with the following countries: