Sustainability Plan

The University of Alberta’s Sustainability Plan outlines our institution's sustainability goals and practices. The plan guides the university’s efforts to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

From small changes to existing practices to deep changes to policy and governance, the Sustainability Plan describes how the university will take action for sustainability. The plan addresses specific areas of university life: leadership, education and research, operations and infrastructure, community and culture, and health and well-being.

Purpose and Goals

Global development and consumption is degrading the world’s resources and reducing the quality of our physical and social environments. It is imperative we take action to develop a sustainable society-finding ways to meet our needs today without compromising the next generation’s ability to meet their needs.

The university strives to manage its resources in harmony and embraces the opportunity to shape and strengthen sustainability across campus. The Sustainability Plan supports the university’s overall goal to integrate sustainability into its academic, research and engagement activities.


The Sustainability Plan’s success draws from the collaborative efforts of the 55,000 students, faculty and staff in our campus community. To achieve and maintain sustainability at the university, we must continually work together to uplift our people and planet.

More Information

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