BSc Agriculture - Agriculture and Resource Economics Major Approved Program Electives (APE)


Approved Program Electives (APE) must be selected according to the following directions:

  • The following courses are accepted as APEs and do not require approval
  • Any courses on this list already taken as required program courses cannot be used as APEs
  • Students must have any prerequisites listed in the calendar before taking a course; credit may be denied for courses without the appropriate prerequisites
  • Courses not listed may be accepted as APEs subject to written approval (Course Substitution Form) from the student advisor prior to registration
  • Students should not use old versions of the APE lists when selecting APEs
  • The total 100 and 200 level APEs cannot be greater than 2 courses (*6)
  • An extra course (any category) must be taken in addition to the requirements below
  • Always refer to Bear Tracks for the most up-to-date course information

Agricultural and Environmental Economics and Policy

(3 Courses/*9 Credits)

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

(2 Courses/*6 Credits, only one of which can be at the 100-level)

Breadth Component

(2 Courses/*6 Credits)

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in agricultural and resource economics are encouraged to consider including the following courses as APEs in their program: