Undergraduate Programs

Food Animals

Major in Food Animals

Launch your career in the food animal industry with this major. During you studies, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete your pre-veterinary medicine requirements in this major.
  • Learn how animal agriculture (livestock and poultry) works with the food industry.
  • Test your knowledge in the faculty's animal research facilities.
  • Gain expertise in animal and human disease, animal nutrition, microbiology, physiology and production.
  • Learn from live animals and industry professionals.

Popular Courses

Some of the most popular courses in this program include Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition, Food Animal Behaviour and Veterinary Immunology

Browse the full course catalogue to learn more about the opportunities you can explore as a student. Please visit the Faculty's course listing and descriptions for more information about each course.

Career Options

This major will prepare you to step into a number of exciting field positions, including:

  • Agrologist
  • Agricultural Commodity Inspector
  • Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer
  • Livestock Producer
  • Poultry Industry Careers
  • Beef Industry Careers
  • Check out UAlberta's Agriculture Career Guide for more options.