About UAlberta's Augustana Campus


Geraint Osborne, PhD (McGill)

Associate Professor/Sociology/Crime and Community

Augustana Campus

Social Sciences

About Me

Degrees: Ph.D. McGill University; MA Queen's University, BA (Hons.) Queen's University.


2015 Augustana Faculty Teaching Leadership Award

2012 Betty Ostenrud Award (Service Award)

Biography and Personal Interests: I am a somewhat reluctant academic who, between degrees, worked as a researcher for Environment Canada, Canada Post Corporation, Correctional Services Canada, and Heritage Canada. But the lure of ideas and thirst for knowledge always brought be back to the university. I enjoy running, soccer, canoeing, film, music, and chillin' at the cabin. 


Research Areas:

Cannabis Use and Drug Policy

Hockey Violence and Masculinity

Sociology of Public Intellectuals 

Music Scenes and Community Building 

Research Grants & Projects:

2017 Grant Assist Program Bridge Funding for Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Insight Grant ($5000.00) Co-investigator: Hockey Violence. 

2016 Office of the Vice President Research: Special Call for Funding ($5464.00) Co-investigator: Hockey Violence.

2013 Augustana Faculty Research Time Stipend ($7,200): Student Cannabis Use

2011 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Grant. ($103,500) Co-investigator. Student Use of Cannabis.

2009 Augustana Research Grant - Primary Investigator ($7,697.50). The Role of the Public Scholar in the Local Press.

2008 Government of Alberta, Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) Grant ($8,825.60). Teaching Empathy.

2005 Augustana University College Research Grant (with Student Research Grants ($7,400.00). Recreational Cannabis Use.


Teaching Areas:

Crime, Deviance, and Social Control

Political Sociology

Qualitative Methods

Specific Courses: AUSOC101: Introduction to Sociology; 

                            AUIDS160: Crime, Community & Corrections; 

                            AUSOC200: Young Offenders & the Law; 

                            AUSOC224: Sociology of Deviant Behaviour; 

                            AUSOC225: Criminology; 

                            AUSOC236: Research Design & Qualitative Methods; 

                            AUSOC327/427: Crimes of the Powerful; 

                            AUSOC337: Political Sociology; 

                            AUSOC339: Fieldwork;

                            AUSOC437: Symbolic Interactionism.