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Glen Hvenegaard, PhD

Professor/ Environmental Science and Geography

Augustana Campus


About Me

I have worked at Augustana Campus since 1994. My previous degrees are from the University of Alberta (BSc Forestry, MSc Wildland Recreation) and the University of Victoria (PhD Geography). At my university and for professional organizations, I have served on the following:

• Manager, Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (2015-)

• Community Service-Learning Committee (2015-)

• Sustainability Committee (2012-)

• Chair, Camrose Wildlife and Stewardship Society (2009-)

• AB Parks Social Science Working Group (2013-)

• World Commission on Protected Areas, IUCN (1994-)

• Tourism and Protected Areas Specialty Group, WCPA (1996-)

• Protected Areas Working Group, Beaver Hills Initiative (2008-)


My research program focuses on the conservation aspects of ecotourism, biogeography, park interpretation, and rural sustainability. First, I am seeking to understand the actual and potential roles of ecotourism in promoting conservation (eg. wildilfe festivals, conservation volunteers, bird watchers, whale watchers, park users, and Christmas Bird Counts). Second, I use biogeography principles to help conserve birds in rural landscapes (eg. Purple Martins, owls, shorebirds, forest songbirds). Third, I examine teaching and learning issues related to environmental education (eg. park interpretation effectiveness, undergraduate research, and field studies). Last, colleagues and I are evaluating planning processes and management efforts in promoting rural sustainability.

Selected Publications

• Hvenegaard, G.T. 2016. Visitors’ perceived impacts of interpretation on knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Tourism and Hospitality Research. DOI: 10.1177/1467358416634157. 12 pp.

• Hvenegaard, G.T. and J. Shultis. 2016. The role of interpretation. Pp. 141-169 In P. Dearden, R. Rollins, and M. Needham (eds.). Parks and Protected Areas in Canada: Planning and Management, 4th Ed., Oxford University Press, Don Mills, ON. 

• Hallstrom, L., G. Hvenegaard, M. Beckie, and K. Mundel, (Eds.). 2016. Taking the Next Steps: Sustainability Planning and Collaboration in Rural Canada. University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, AB. 387 pp. ISBN 978-1-77212-040-0

• Lemieux, C.J., S.T. Doherty, P.F.J. Eagles, M.W. Groulx, G.T. Hvenegaard, J. Gould, E. Nisbet, and F. Romagosa. 2016. Policy and management recommendations informed by the human health benefits of visitor experiences in Alberta’s protected areas. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration 34(1): 24-52.

• Stutchbury, B.J.M., R. Siddiqui, K. Applegate, G.T. Hvenegaard, P. Mammenga, N. Mickle, M. Pearman, J.D. Ray, A. Savage, T. Shaheen, and K.C. Fraser. 2016. Ecological causes and consequences of intratropical migration in temperate-breeding migratory birds. American Naturalist 188, no. S1 (September): S28-S40.

• Hvenegaard, G.T. & A.N. Kaiser. 2015. Ecotourism, conservation, and sustainability: a case study of the Camrose Purple Martin Festival. Innovative Leisure Practices: Cases as Conduits Between Theory and Practice 1: 1-10.

• Hvenegaard, G.T., S. Carr, K. Clark, P. Dunn, & T. Olexson. 2015. Integrating sustainable forest management and protected areas in the Prince Albert Model Forest, Canada. Conservation and Society 13(1): 51-61.

• Lam, L, E.A. McKinnon, J.D. Ray, M. Pearman, G.T. Hvenegaard, J. Mejeur, L. Moscar, M. Pearson, K. Applegate, P. Mammenga, J. Tautin, & K.C. Fraser. 2015. The influence of morphological variation on migration performance in a trans-hemispheric migratory songbird. Animal Migration 2: 86-95.

• Wiersma Y.F., P. Duinker, W. Haider, G. Hvenegaard, & F. Schmiegelow. 2015. Relationships between protected areas and sustainable forest management: Where are we heading? Conservation and Society 13(1): 1-12.


I teach a variety of courses in environmental studies and geography, including:

• AUENV 120: Human Activities and the Natural Environment

• AUGEO 230: Geomorphology; including lab

• AUGEO 231: Climatology; including lab

• AUENV 252: Wildlife Diversity of Alberta

• AUENV 320/420: Parks and Wilderness

• AUENV 334: Field Studies in Environmental Science and Ecology

• AUENV 327: Environmental Education and Heritage Interpretation

• AUENV 421: Environmental Science: History and Impacts