First Year Seminar Tutors

First Year Seminar (FYS) tutors get the opportunity of being paired with a FYS class during the Fall 3 week block. Students will work their instructor on a variety of different tasks throughout the block, such as assisting lead group discussions and leading sessions. Successful candidates will be enrolled in AUCSL 360 and be expected to attend mandatory classes and training prior to the start of the FYS class.

Class times and training are mandatory. Students unable to attend these dates will not be eligible to be a tutor.

Students interested in applying to be a FYS tutor should be in contact with an instructor prior to applying. Students can view the list of FYS instructors by searching for AUIDS 101 in Bear Tracks. Applicants will also be expected to go through a short interview process before being approved as an FYS tutor.

Applications are due April 10th.  Apply Now

2023 Key dates

August 2023 Training begins (exact dates TBA)
Monday, August 21, 2023 Class and Training
Tuesday, August 22, 2023 FYS classes begin

The FYS tutor experience was a great combination of classroom learning, application, and reflection. By helping first-year students while receiving mentorship from my professor and discussing with my fellow tutors, I developed a stronger passion for my discipline and learned a lot about how I communicate with others. It was the most enjoyable course I have taken at Augustana!

Acting as an FYS tutor this year was a rich and rewarding experience for me. Through this opportunity, I gained valuable leadership skills by leading small group discussions, participating in the class activities, and making myself available to answer any questions that students had regarding several aspects of university life. I was also offered the chance to design and implement my own lesson plan and work alongside my supervising professor during the class lectures. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to support the first-years and facilitate their transition into university by sharing my own relatable experiences as a fellow student of Augustana.

The FYS tutor position was a unique experience not only to work closely alongside a professor, but also to engage with first-year students and help them with their transition into university. Having the opportunity to share my insights with incoming students was incredibly rewarding and I valued having the chance to reflect on classroom dynamics within the context of my university education.

To view past FYS classes and instructors please see the First Year Seminar web page here.

If you have any questions about being an FYS tutor or the application form please contact Student Academic Services.