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Uppsala University, Department of Business Studies


Uppsala, Sweden


Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is the oldest university in Scandinavia. It is comprised of 9 major faculties, which are made up of a wide range of departments and disciplines. The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta has an exchange agreement with the Department of Business Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Uppsala University has a rich history, many traditions and can boast 6 Nobel Prize winners. On December 13 every year the new Nobel Laureates visit Uppsala University and give lectures open to the public. UU is located in the city of Uppsala, the fourth largest municipality in Sweden with a resident population of about 180,000, and is about 70km north of Stockholm. The University buildings are spread throughout the city and accommodate a student population of 36,000. However, the six departments that form the core of Uppsala's business and economics programme are all located in the Centre for Economic Sciences (Ekonomikum), a modern building in mid-town Uppsala. Courses are taught in English or Swedish on a 4-5 week modular basis, where students take one course at a time. The programme in business studies includes courses in international business, marketing, organization, corporate finance, financial accounting and management accounting. Within the framework of the programme, English courses in economics, economic history, social and economic geography, computer science and statistics are given by other departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Courses on Swedish culture and society are available for non-Scandinavian students.

In 1741 Anders Berch became the first economics professor at Uppsala University, making him the fourth scholar ever appointed as professor in economics in the world.
The Department of Business Studies was founded in 1958. With 2500 registered students and 150 employees it is one of the largest departments at Uppsala University and has about 40 international partners with approximately 150 incoming and outgoing exchange students each year.

Academic Areas of Expertise/Focus:

International Business


BCom or MBA

Available Spots:

4 semester spots/academic year

Special Admission Requirements:

2nd year: minimum 15 credits of Business Studies
3rd year: minimum 45 credits of Business Studies
Master: minimum 90 credits of Business Studies. Only available for students studying on Master level at their home university.
*please note that Economics and Statistics are not considered Business Studies at Uppsala University.
Due to policies in place at Uppsala, the exchange program to this destination is not open to students with Swedish citizenship.

Approximate Term Dates:

Semester 1: late August to mid/late January
Semester 2: mid/late January to early June

Summer Program Option:



Full-time Course Load: 30 credits or 4 course/term (equivalent to 15 UofA credits)
Note: Uppsala University operates on a block format. Each semester is divided into four study periods of 4-5 weeks. During each study period, students are expected to take just one course, which is organized so as to require full time work. Exams are given at the end of each study period, and then a new study period, devoted exclusively to another specific course, is begun.

Language(s) of Instruction: English

Course Restrictions: Non-business courses are available, but only those listed on the course guide from the Department of Business studies in related departments. Exchange students are required to take at least 2 courses/15 ECTS in the Department of Business Studies (half the normal semester course load). Registration in non-business courses is up to the individual department and cannot be guaranteed. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that courses taken from other departments do not overlap and cause scheduling conflicts.


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"Exchange was an amazing experience and I would recommend Uppsala University to anyone considering going abroad."

"Very different structure to classes. Much of learning was self-directed through readings done outside of class. Much less frequent instructional time in class."

"If you're considering Uppsala, I highly recommend it. It is extremely easy to make new friends, Swedes and exchange students alike."

"I did an exchange to Uppsala University during the winter semester and it was by far the best decision I've ever made."