Application Period:

The application period for exchanges during the 2024/2025 academic year (including Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 programs) will open up on NOVEMBER 1, 2023 and extend through March 1, 2024 for Fall, Full-year & Summer exchanges and through September 15, 2024 for Winter term only exchanges. Some exceptions apply where noted. Please view the Deadlines page or consult the Exchange Coordinator for more information.


Application Procedure:

The below steps are meant to provide an outline of the application process. All steps must be completed in the order given. For more information or for clarification, please consult the exchange coordinator.

View a detailed overview of the entire exchange process in the Step-by-Step Procedures.

Pre-Application Preparation

Prior to formal application, students should gather information on their desired destination and complete the required background research and items indicated.

1. Profile Form & Preliminary Interview

Complete the Pre-application Profile Form, attach your most recent set of U of A transcripts and schedule an exchange interview with the exchange coordinator.


2. Exchange Application Package

Candidates who successfully pass the interview stage must then complete and submit International Student Exchange Application Form, along with all supporting materials by the appropriate deadline.
The new application form will require you to upload the following supporting documents:

  1. Budget Form
  2. Up-to-date UofA Transcripts
  3. Letter of Intent
    a formal written statement of an applicant's motivations and purposes for wanting to participate - should include what an applicant hopes to get out of an exchange, how it will benefit them, fit with their goals and why they would be a good candidate. The letter of intent should also show specific advantages offered by the host institution for which they are applying, reasons for choosing that destination and how attending it will help an applicant achieve their goals.
  4. Personal Résumé / CV
  5. Passport ID page

A $75.00 application fee (non-refundable) is also required with application. This may be paid by debit or credit at the School of Business General Office (3-23 Business Bldg) during regular office hours. Payment by credit card can also be made by phone to 780-492-7671.


NOTE: Should you encounter any issues or have any questions as you complete the application process, do not hesitate to contact our office to let us know.

***All procedures through this step must be completed by the appropriate application deadline. Applications should be started and Preliminary Interviews completed at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

3. Application Review & Selection

Exchange Coordinator will evaluate applications and a nomination decision will be made. Applicants will be notified of their selection or non-selection and given further instructions as to how to proceed.


4. Nomination

Successful applicants will be formally recommended to the host institution by official nomination process according to the host timeline. After nominations have been made, the host institution's materials will be given to exchange nominees for completion and must be returned to Exchange Coordinator or submitted directly online by deadline given.


5. Host Institution Application

Completed host institution application materials are submitted along with official nomination confirmation by the Alberta School of Business International Office & nominees await formal acceptance from host institution. Exchange nominees should begin to look into courses and transfer credit at this stage, if this has not already been done. Official requests for undergraduate transfer credit approval can be made via the Transfer Credit Request Form.


6. Formal Acceptance & Exchange Registration

Upon receipt of an official acceptance/admission letter from the host institution, exchange administration fee of $175 is due. Exchange participants will then be registered in an exchange term by the Alberta School of Business International Office. Please ensure that you have completed the Study Abroad Registration Form (available from Coordinator) at this time.


7. Pre-Departure

Once admitted by the partner, you should begin final preparations which will include:

  • securing accommodations for your exchange
  • obtaining your visa or entry permit for the destination country
  • register with UAlberta's UGo Off-Campus Travel Registry

Outgoing participants must complete the University of Alberta's risk assessment and pre-departure travel requirements as required by the current travel policy. This includes an online eClass and risk management plan, among other items. ASB exchange participants are also asked to complete a Pre-departure Checklist and submit a copy of their Education Abroad Waiver/Risk Management Agreement Form along with any other requested materials to the Exchange Coordinator before departing for exchange.


*Please read carefully the Step-by-Step Procedures for a more detailed description of the exchange process from initial application through to your return to University of Alberta.