BCom and MBA students, including international students, can all potentially participate on an exchange program through the Alberta School of Business.

  • BCom applicants are required to complete at least their first year of studies in the Alberta School of Business before they are eligible to participate on exchange. Applications may be submitted during the first year, but students will not be allowed to depart on exchange until at least their third semester in the BCom Program.
  • Candidates should have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Focus will be put on performance after entering the School of Business and marks in your most recently completed terms when evaluating candidates. (Note: Some institutions and destinations are highly competitive and might require a higher GPA than the minimum indicated.) Final approval of academic standing will be at the discretion of the BCom or MBA Office.
  • BCom applicants must be registered as continuing full-time students. MBA candidates completing their degree on a part-time basis are also eligible to participate on an exchange. Both undergraduate and graduate applicants must have at least *3 credits remaining before finishing a degree.
  • BCom students in the Co-op program are eligible to also participate on an exchange, but must work out timing and coordination with both offices to ensure all requirements and obligations can be met for both programs.