5 Cool Classes to Warm Up Your Winter

BCom students can heat up their Winter Term schedule with these five invigorating classes.

One of the best things about the Alberta School of Business is the wide variety of courses it offers to students. Developed and taught by some of the world’s leading academics and instructors, courses at the U of A go above and beyond the traditional business school offerings in finance and accounting.

With January just around the corner, most BCom courses are full, and students have locked in their schedule for the Winter Term. Here are five outside-the-box classes, however, that at the time of publication were still admitting new students.

1. SMO 488, LEC B3: Consulting for Sustainable Business Practices

This project-based course will examine organizations that are adopting more socially and environmentally impactful business practices. “Students will get to consult with real businesses who are interested in becoming B Corp certified,” said instructor Leo Wong. “They’ll provide recommendations to the company, and even help institute policies. Students get first-hand experience in helping a business transition, and in making the world a better place.”

SMO 488 Overview


2. MARK 455, LEC B1: Sustainability and Responsible Marketing

Choose this course if you’re interested in the role marketing plays in - and how it’s affected by - corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues. You’ll discuss how these issues are influenced by consumer trends and how they are communicated to consumers.

MARK 455 Overview


3. SMO 488, LEC X50: Introduction to Indigenous business

If you enroll in this course, you can expect to take part in the essential — and at times uncomfortable — work towards reconciliation. The course reveals not only some of the negative experiences of Indigenous peoples in an economic context, but also highlights some Indigenous business accomplishments, opportunities and aspirations.

SMO 488 Overview


4. SMO 431, LEC B1: New Venture Creation and Organization

Choose this course if you’re interested in exploring how small businesses are created and operated. You’ll cover topics like planning your business, using resources and steps to creating an organization.

SMO 431 Overview


5. SMO 438, Lec B1: Managing Public, Not-For-Profit Organizations

In this course, you’ll look at some of the issues confronting management in public, voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, like education, charities, community groups and aid agencies. You’ll discuss if — and how — management in these organizations differ from the dominant private sector view of management and whether practices from one sector may be adopted by another.

SMO 438 Overview