Time Support

This page explains the time support students of the MAcc will receive.

Image of MBA students collaborating on a project
The MAcc is a full-time program that is delivered in-person at the University of Alberta main campus in Edmonton, through May to August over two consecutive years. This program was designed to support students who are working typically in public practice to focus exclusively on work during the more demanding periods of the accounting profession (between September and April), and to similarly focus solely on learning and studying when it is less demanding professionally (May to August). Due to the intense nature of the materials covered in the MAcc, we highly recommend that students focus only on their academic pursuits when courses are being held, as opposed to studying and working part-time. One of the major benefits of the MAcc program is that it enables the student/employee to have a greater work-life balance, and to bring their best energy and focus to their respective learning and working environments.