Certificate in Sustainability

A certificate that supports students in their choice to integrate sustainable development topics into their current program of study

Through the Certificate in Sustainability program, students can gain in-depth knowledge of the issues of climate change, food security, biodiversity, renewable energy, and social inequalities. There are no additional fees for applying and enrolling in the programme. As an integrated program, students obtain the certificate title while completing their undergraduate program in their respective faculties – there is no need to change programs.


The Certificate in Sustainability is designed for students who want to:

Add value to their course of study without additional courses: This certificate is ideal for students who wish to explore sustainable development within their existing program of study. The courses can be counted towards both the program in which the student is enrolled and the certificate.

Acquire new knowledge through experiential learning: The integrated certificate project is an excellent opportunity to get out of the classroom and solve real-life problems. In the integrated project, students can, for example, work on a school project, do a placement in a community setting, do volunteer work, carry out a field experiment, and so on. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with University of Alberta faculty members, individuals with extensive experience in global development, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, aboriginal governance, northern research, etc.

Start a career: The Certificate in Sustainability provides a competitive advantage for students wishing to enter the job market. It enables potential employers to identify the student's interest in the major challenges facing business and government. Past graduates have made real contributions in their chosen fields and have gone on to careers with the Pembina Institute and the Alberta government, for example.

Pursue graduate studies: For students specialising in fields such as business, ecology, civil engineering, or political science, the Certificate in Sustainability presents an opportunity to develop their knowledge and reflect on how their chosen discipline can help shape a brighter future.