Doctor of Philosophy - Études Transdisciplinaires

The PhD program at Campus Saint-Jean offers, in French, a high-level post-graduate education in several fields of science, health, social sciences and humanities, organized under these three main research axes. Established to meet the professional needs of the 21st century, in a world of close linguistic contact and minority language situations (la francophonie), this program constitutes an essential environment for integrated transdisciplinary research, offering a unique opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge and research skills within Canada's linguistic duality.

  • DET 600 :Séminaire de recherche interdisciplinaire
  • DET 605 : Sujets avancés en études interdisciplinaires
  • DET 609 : recherche guidée/ étude guidée-dirigée

The program will be unique at the University of Alberta, in Alberta, and in Western Canada, and there will be ample opportunities for collaboration with all faculties at the U of A, for research, for supervision, for candidacy exams, and for training. Campus Saint-Jean Professors are multidisciplinary — in social science and humanities, in science, in engineering, in health sciences — with the possibility of collaborations at the college as well the faculties level, and with specific departments and programs within these units, including:

  • psychology
  • sociology
  • political sciences
  • economics
  • physics
  • mathematics
  • biology
  • history,
  • communication and media studies
  • music
  • computing sciences
  • medical microbiology and immunology
  • business
  • finance
  • secondary education
  • elementary education
  • policy studies in education
  • educational psychology
  • modern languages and cultural studies
  • african studies program
  • sustainability
  • Métis and Indigenous studies
Program Delivery

The program will be delivered in various formats:

  • online
  • face-to-face (both physically in class and virtually)
  • hybrid
Students are connected via various online course delivery platforms and interact with professors, classmates and course materials through eClass, the Moodle-based learning management system (LMS) used by the university.
Program Learning Outcomes

The 6 graduating attributes are as follows:

  • Level and depth of knowledge
  • Research skills and scholarship
  • Ability to apply knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Professional capacity and autonomy
  • Leadership and collaboration

Additionally, the program will address specific linguistic learning outcomes as well as global learning outcomes to create a unique learning environment. The following goals will be addressed.

  • Prepare future researchers with a unique set of transversal, cross-disciplinary skills that will help to develop community leadership qualities and support the application of foundational knowledge in disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary research.
  • Focus on the Francophone and linguistic minority perspectives by creating a deeper understanding of, and response to, broad societal needs.
  • Fulfill the requirement of the provincial and federal governments in matters pertaining to French as an official language.
  • Establish new collaborations with potential for a higher-education network, as well as fostering effective relationships with bilingual and Francophone institutions in Canada, and around the world.
Admission Requirements
  • A previous master’s degree from a recognized institution
  • An electronic copy of all official post-secondary transcripts, with the printing date of less than one year on the transcripts for studies completed in Canada. Recent printing date is not required for international students. Copies of transcripts are also required for incomplete programs.
  • An electronic copy of all your post-secondary diplomas.
  • A GPA of 3.0 (minimum) or equivalent
  • Your CV
  • Two letters of reference supporting your application: 1 professional and 1 academic
  • A statement of research intent and purpose (2 pages minimum and 5 pages maximum) 
  • A letter of support from a potential supervisor – to connect with our researchers, please visit our Research Areas page to explore the researcher profiles in our directory or download this French-only summary in pdf form
  • French language competency for students for whom French is not their first language or official spoken language and/or for students who have post secondary degrees in a different language than french. They need to provide a TEF (test d'évaluation de francais) with a minimum result of C1 – contact for more details.
** If the documents are all in French, an English translation is not necessary. **
Program Requirements
  • Supervision progress report on a yearly basis
  • WIL progress report
  • Personal portfolio progress report
  • Supervisory committee forms
  • Comprehensive examination forms
  • Candidacy forms
  • 4 years time to completion – may be extended to 6 years as per GPS regulations