Summer Institute at Campus Saint-Jean : Education and Leadership

Are you ready to take on new challenges and advance your career in education?


To all immersion and francophone teachers, you are invited to take part in our summer institute. This is an opportunity to complete 6 credits towards the Certificate in Leadership or the Master of Education or to continue your personal development in education.

Program description

During the summer institute, you will have the opportunity to complete 1 or 2 courses from the following choices:

1- CEDUL 505/MEDU 563: Leadership and quality standards. This course provides you with 3 credits in terms of courses and a Certification in "school principal's leadership" from Alberta Education.

2- CEDUL 502/MEDU 561: Supervision and leadership skills training. This course provides you with 3 credits in terms of courses and allows you to include it in your portfolio as a required course for the Certification in "school administration leadership" from Alberta Education.

3- MEDU 598: Indigenous Pedagogy and inclusive pedagogy.

The courses will take place either in person or/and online at the Campus Saint Jean. Each course consists of 15 hours in class and supplemented with 15 hours of work and can be used to transfer to a Master's in Education, or graduate certificate later if needed.

Course objectives:

The leadership and master's courses at Campus Saint-Jean are linked to the professional development of teachers, in accordance with Alberta Education's education quality standards.



  1. If you are a student already enrolled in the Master of Education or in the Certificate in Leadership and School Administration, you do not need to enrol in this program. you need to write a letter of intent up to 2 pages where you will discuss your desire to join this summer institute program and what your professional goals are in pursuing this program (e.g., advancing in your master's program, professional development, etc.). Send the letter to the graduate studies coordinator at or at, specifying the 1 or 2 courses you wish to take as part of this program. The department will then enroll you in the courses.
  2.  If you are not enrolled in the Master of Education program or the certificate, you must first contact the department at or by sending a letter of intent to join this program (the same description as the letter of intent above). Once the department receives your request, they will contact the registrar's office to enroll you in the course of your choice as an independent student (open studies student).  The applicant must provide all post-secondary transcripts and copies of post-secondary diplomas (in PDF format) and ensure that these documents are accepted by the department before proceeding with course registration.