Course Listings

The following courses comprise the undergraduate studies level for the Urban and Regional Planning program. 

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course ID course name
HGEO 100 Introduction to Human Geography and Planning
HGEO 240 Cities and Urbanism
HGEO 250 Sustainable Development and Environmental Management
HGEO 252 Human Dimensions of Environmental Hazards
HGEO 341 Social and Cultural Geography
HGEO 342 The Spatial Economy
HGEO 343 Geographies of Health and Health Care
HGEO 381 Topics in Human Geography
HGEO 382 Topics in Regional Geography
HGEO 399 Research Methods in Human Geography
HGEO 443 Environment and Health
HGEO 450 Resource Management and Environmental Policy
HGEO 452 Human Dimensions of Environmental Change
HGEO 470 Geographical Information Systems for Social Science
HGEO 481 Advanced Topics in Human Geography
HGEO 496 Undergraduate Thesis
HGEO 497 Directed Study in Human Geography or Planning I
HGEO 499 Human Geography Field School
PLAN 210 Introductory Planning History and Practice
PLAN 211 Introduction to Design Fundamentals for Planners
PLAN 310 Land Use Policy and Planning
PLAN 315 Community Planning and Engagement
PLAN 316 Planning Law
PLAN 317 Planning Theory
PLAN 355 Environmental Planning
PLAN 399 Research Methods in Planning
PLAN 410 Professional Planning Practice and Ethics
PLAN 412 Finance for Planners
PLAN 470

Geographical Information Systems for Planning

PLAN 485 Advanced Topics in Planning
PLAN 495 Planning Studio
PLAN 499 Planning Field School