Webinar: Careers in the Medical Science Start-up Industry

Mar. 27, 2023 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Tune in virtually to hear from a panel of FoMD alumni working in start-up industry jobs. This exciting sector promises plenty of opportunities for new graduates and young alumni wanting to work in fast-paced and dynamic positions.


Paola Solis

Paola Solis, ‘17 MSc

Scientist, Entos Pharmaceuticals

Paola Solis has many years of experience in research as well as industry (ranging from worldwide renowned companies to start-ups) , her research background includes: chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology. She currently specializes in Lipid nanoparticles research and development, manufacturing and quality control and has been involved and phase I and phase II vaccine production.

Juliana Valencia

Juliana Valencia, ‘17 PhD

Clinical Scientist, Nanostics Inc.

Dr. Juliana Valencia is an experienced researcher with a history of working in academic, start-up and clinical settings in the areas of pre-clinical research (cell biology, oncology, cell therapies) and clinical research (hematology and cardiology).

Rinde Johansson, '14 BDes, '19 MSc Project Manager

Rinde Johansson, '14 BDes, '19 MSc

Rinde Johansson has a master of science degree with a specialization in surgical design and simulation at the University of Alberta and the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM). She has applied her education to a number of roles in the start-up space applying skills in human factors engineering, research and development, product design, product development and more. Rinde currently works for MACH32, an Edmonton-based start-up focused on creating innovative medical devices.


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