U of A Alerts

Visit and bookmark uab.ca/emergency for emergency procedures as well as regular updates in the event of an emergency on campus.

U of A Alerts is delivered simultaneously on multiple platforms. Typically, you will receive and/or see the alert within minutes of activation of an alert. It's recommended that you prepare to access U of A Alerts in as many different ways as possible.

  • uab.ca/emergency:
    In the event of an emergency on campus, regular updates and instructions will be provided here. Bookmark uab.ca/emergency. It's your go-to page for any updates after the U of A Alert has been issued.
  • UAlberta App:
    On the move to and from campus? The alert will appear on the My UAlberta app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone.
  • Fire Panels: Building fire alarms make it possible to broadcast voice messages through fire alarm speakers.
  • Alertus Beacons & Alertus Desktop:
    In class and not monitoring your emails or phone? The alert will appear on the Alertus Beacon. This yellow box will activate with sound, flashing lights and the message will display on the screen. Some beacons have a marquee sign next to classroom clocks and will display the same alert message. Several of the newer buildings have beacons in public areas too.
  • Working in a campus computer lab?
    We'll get your attention with the Alertus Desktop. The alert will momentarily stop what you are doing on the campus computer and display the alert. A click of the mouse will return you to the computer activity you had in progress.
  • University of Alberta homepage:
    Regular visitor to the U of A homepage? U of A Alerts will appear in a banner across the webpage. Bookmark UAlberta.ca.
  • Twitter - retweets & reposts:
    Following @UAlberta? U of A Alerts are tweeted too! When an event is fast-moving, we'll provide updates and instructions via Twitter.
  • Email:
    Have your Gmail Inbox open? The alert will arrive as an email to your UAlberta.ca email address.