Why study this program?

The Faculty of Business offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Business Administration, Master of Financial Management, Master of Accounting, and Doctor of Philosophy. In addition to the standard MBA program, specializations are available in International Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment, Finance, Public Policy and Management, and Sustainability. PhD specializations are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations & Information Systems, and Strategic Management & Organization.


Alberta School of Business

Delivery Mode:
On Campus

Program Type:
Course Based, Thesis Based

Degree Level:
Master's, Doctoral, Certificate

Program Requirements

Master’s Programs

Doctoral Programs

Combined Degree Programs



Graduate courses in Business can be found in Course Listings , under the following subject headings:

Accounting (ACCTG)
Business (BUS)
Business Economics (BUEC)
Business Technology Management (BTM)
Finance (FIN)
Human Resources Management (HRM)
Management Science (MGTSC)
Marketing (MARK)
Organizational Analysis (ORG A)
Operations Management (OM)
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management (SEM)

Tuition and Fees

For Master’s programs, a limited number of bursaries and scholarships are available.

For Doctoral programs, the Faculty of Business normally offers funding for four years (in exceptional cases for five years) made up of several kinds of support. Tuition is normally paid for the first four years. A number of fellowships are available (see Graduate Financial Support  section of this Calendar).

For general information, please visit the Tuition and Fees page on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research site.
Scholarships and Financial Support

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research administers over $29 million each year in scholarships, awards, and financial support for graduate students, as well as financial and loan advising. Additional scholarships are also available for specific faculties and programs.

Program-specific inquiries

Please refer to the detailed program information or use your student service portal.

General inquiries

Please check out some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQS) to see if your question has been answered, or contact the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) during our office hours.

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