GSA Senator

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1 position for graduate students.

How To Apply:

Nominations are to be submitted by filling out the attached form and emailing it to in advance of the deadline of Wednesday, 14 June 2023 at 12:00 PM (Noon).

Nominations received will be circulated as submitted to GSA Council.


Duties of Senator:

The duties of the Senator are threefold:

  1. The Senator acts as the GSA's representative to the University of Alberta Senate; (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D.BYL.3.2.b),
  2. The Senator is a non-voting member of the GSA Board (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section F.POL.3.1.e), and
  3. As a Council-Elected Officer, the Senator is a non-voting member of the GSA Council (GSA Bylaw and Policy, C.POL.3.1.b).



“The Senator should have prior experience acting as a representative for the GSA and/or as a liaison with bodies external to the University” (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D.POL.12.2.a).


The dates for the Senate meetings have not yet been set. The Senate meets approximately every three (3) months (four (4) times a year), with a Plenary Session starting on Thursday evenings from 4 PM - 8 PM and continuing on Friday mornings from 8 AM - 12 PM. Additionally, the GSA Senator may serve on up to three (3) Senate committees. The Senator also attends GSA Council (the dates for which can be found here ). and the GSA Board (meets weekly on Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM) as a non-voting member of both.


Election Process:

All nominations received will be circulated as submitted via email to GSA Council for an election during the 19 June 2023 meeting of GSA Council. Nominees will be invited to deliver brief remarks to GSA Council and answer questions from members. If nominees are unable to attend and would like to address GSA Council, alternate arrangements can be made.

The GSA NoC may also actively seek nominations as allowed for by their GSA Council-approved terms of reference (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section E.POL.1.5).

Click here for GSA Bylaw and Policy on GSA Council-Elected Officers.

Additional Notes:

Questions can be directed to the GSA NoC Coordinator at .