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Debriefing and Feedback

Debriefing Using the Advocacy-Inquiry Method

In the Advocacy-Inquiry (AI) model of debriefing, the facilitator describes what they observed (advocacy), and then asks participants for their perspective (inquiry). This approach creates a non-judgemental dialogue where students can practise critical reflection, identify their personal frames of reference, and understand how those frames influence their actions. The AI model can also be used to teach debriefing skills to facilitators.
Author: Lisa Guirguis, University of Alberta
Interprofessional Competencies: Communication, Reflection
Document: Debriefing Using the Advocacy-Inquiry Method

Giving and Receiving CORBS Feedback

It can be a challenge to structure feedback in a clear and constructive way. The CORBS model outlines the principles for delivering meaningful feedback in any context, including peer to peer, instructor to student, patient to student, or student to instructor. CORBS stands for Clear, Owned, Regular, Balanced, Specific.
Interprofessional Competencies: Communication
Document: Giving and Receiving CORBS Feedback