Q1: Can we book the space for non academic events?
A1:Yes. The space is available to external groups for activities such as; high-stakes exams, corporate events, or film and video production.

Q2: Is set-up assistance provided?
A2: Event set-up is your responsibility; we do not provide assistance unless you have requested this through your booking request form, or have communicated your requirements to the HSERC Event Assistant. If you think you will need help, please make sure we are advised well in advance your event.

Q3: Can we view the space before our event?
A3: Yes! In fact, we recommend booking a walk through with the HSERC Event Assistant as soon as you receive your confirmation e-mail. This ensures that all setup requirements are addressed, traffic flow discussed, and lab access confirmed for the day of your event.

Q4: Are washrooms available within HSERC?

A4: There are no public washrooms within the lab itself, but there are washrooms outside the hallways on either end. These doors are exit only; a member of your group must remain inside to allow reentry. For security reasons, these doors cannot be unlocked or propped open. Please be sure to provide this information to everyone in your group prior to the start of your event.

Q5: Will we have a main contact person from HSERC to discuss our event?
A5: Yes. We will assign a Team Lead who will be listed as your contact in the confirmation e-mail. If you aren't sure who your Team Lead is, contact the HSERC Event Assistant who will direct your questions to the appropriate person. When in doubt - the HSERC Event Assistant is always your go-to contact.

Q6: Can we use the meeting rooms or debrief rooms as break or lunch rooms?
A6: No. Computers and other technology in these spaces are vulnerable to damage from spilled food and drinks. You are welcome to use the Seats of Innovation, Immersive Lab, the Multipurpose Labs or the 'touchdown space' in the Clinical Exam Centre for breaks and lunches.

Q7: Can we bring specimens into the lab for our event?
A7: No. We are not equipped for the proper handling of specimens. Our space is to be used strictly as a Simulation Lab.

Q8: Can we bring in Standardized Patients from another source?
A8: For insurance and other reasons, only SP's booked through our program may be employed in our space.

Q9: Do we need to bring linens, pillows, hand sanitizer etc. for use in the Lab?
A9: We provide these basic supplies to ensure standardized space for all simulations.

Q10: Do we need to clean the space after we are finished with our event?
A10: The space must be returned to the way it was before your event. If you hire a caterer, please ensure they pick up their equipment, during office hours (8:30am - 4:30pm) within 24 hours of your event. Excessive garbage and recycling can be disposed of in larger collection units in the hallway near the public washrooms. Service fees will apply if the space is not left in an appropriate condition.

Q11: Do we need to rent chairs/tables/equipment for our event?
A11: We have a limited supply of chairs and tables you can use. Some equipment is available for use; we will review your specific needs during your booking or walk through to ensure the supplies required are available. While equipment you need may be listed in our inventory, items may be booked for use by another event happening at the same time as yours.

Q12: Could other events take place at the same time as ours?
A12: It is possible that more than one space will be in use on any given day. We give full consideration to the unique requirements of individual events. Events will not be planned in the same area as yours without your approval (please contact the HSERC Event Assistant for more information).

Q13: If we come in the day before our event to set up, will there be a charge?
A13: Yes.Your quote will reflect all space use from start to finish. The space you request will be held for you; no other group can use the space until your event is complete.

Q14: We need a larger classroom or lecture hall for our meeting/training session. Do we book that through you?
A14: No. All classrooms, computer labs and lecture theatres are booked online through the Registrar's Office: rocentralbooking@ualberta.ca Please note that only University of Alberta groups can book these spaces; external parties should contact Conference Services: conference.services@ualberta.ca.

Q15: We will be bringing in large equipment for our event, is there a loading dock we can use?
A15: Yes. Please contact 780.248.1446 to arrange access to the loading dock.

Q16: Does HSERC provide an IT/AV person onsite during our booking?

A16: HSERC does not have an in-house IT department. We contract the UAlberta central IT Services unit to provide IT and AV support. If you need support for an event or wish to have someone on standby, you must arrange this with us in advance, and additional fees will apply. More information on HSERC's IT and Audiovisual services and equipment can be found here.