Ashton Menuz sets the “bar” high

Menuz is the recipient of the Horace Harvey Medal in Law and the Mr WG Justice Morrow Memorial Prize

Indigenous Initiatives

New brochure outlines the Faculty's resources and support towards indigeneity

Our degrees are highly regarded credentials, built upon a strong curriculum, consisting of core courses with a wide range of specialities;

Our renowned faculty members are outstanding and approachable educators and scholars who have authored many textbooks and publications impacting the policy and practice of law internationally;

Our century-long tradition of excellence has produced three Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada including the Chief Justice of Canada, a host of provincial and federal politicians, and numerous legal visionaries and other highly successful graduates.

We are one of Canada's top law schools, with excellent facilities and the second largest law library in Canada. Our graduate students come from both Canada and abroad.

We offer masters (LL.M.) and doctoral (PhD) programs.  Students may elect for a thesis or course-based LL.M.

Our faculty members have research interests in a broad array of Canadian and international law and can provide you with outstanding guidance.


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