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RSC: The RSC Presents the Class of 2023

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) and its Members have elected this year’s new Fellows and named the incoming class of the RSC College. Ubaka Ogbogu

Folio: Leading researchers recognized by Royal Society of Canada

Ogbogu’s work has contributed to Canadian and international science policy in diverse areas including stem cell research ethics, reproductive technologiesand gene therapies.

Healthy Debate: Is bothsidesism killing us? (And why scientific consensus matters)

Caulfield, “…false balance is increasingly driven by social media echo chambers, the fragmentation of the news media and the ideologically motivated embrace of fringe ideas.”

Northern News: Head of CDC gets COVID after getting new bivalent booster, leading to 'push back and mocking'

Caulfield: “I think [complacency] has made misinformation and ideological spin more persuasive. The personal risk/benefit analysis has shifted.”

Center for Inquiry: CSICon Recap: Days Three and Four

Caulfield: "Thanks to all my friends and colleagues at #CSICon in Vegas. Honoured to be part of this terrific community!"

CSICon: Misinformation and the (Big) Ideology Problem

Timothy Caulfield speaks at the annual CSICon amoung others such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Penn and Teller.

Toronto Star: How an ‘alarming’ amount of monkeypox misinformation spread on TikTok

Zenone: "...always surprising how much misinformation can proliferate in such a short amount of time."

Gizmodo: 11 Monkeypox Conspiracy Theories Got 1.4 Million Views on TikTok in One Day, Study Finds

Yes, the rage, the hate, and the fearmongering are big themes. It is exhausting to watch. Can the algorithms respond?

Healthing: Monkeypox conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on TikTok

Monkeypox conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on TikTok. “The studies have shown that those algorithms do push information,” Timothy Caulfield says.

Bloomberg: Conspiracy Theories Spread Quickly on TikTok. Health Officials Need to Be as Fast

Our new study: "Misinformation spreads so quickly that public health officials should be monitoring social media platforms in real time to debunk bogus claims, a new study suggests"

CBC News: Danielle Smith shared link to antisemitic blog while writing about potential of global currency

Caulfied: "she's basically embracing the stars of [the #antivaxx] movement. These are individuals who are well-known anti-vaxxers who spread harmful misinformation."

The Calgary Sun: U of A study tracks speedy spread of monkeypox misinformation on TikTok

Caulfield: "...these conspiracy theories cluster. They’re so consistent: the rage, the conspiracy ideation — this idea that they have access to special knowledge..."

CBC News: Monkeypox conspiracy theories spread rapidly on TikTok, says U of A researcher

Caulfield: Misinformation "emerges incredibly quickly and does damage very, very quickly..."

MedPage Today: TikTok Traffic on Monkeypox Conspiracy Theories Swelled After WHO's Alert

Zenone, "distorted, untrue portrayals of global and public health infrastructure and motives."

Ualberta Folio: Monkeypox misinformation on TikTok follows a familiar pattern, study shows

Caulfield: “I watched hundreds of videos, and it's exhausting to see the rage and the consistency of the messaging...”

The Atlantic: Don’t Pay for Cord-Blood Banking

Caulfield: “It’s playing to parental guilt and the desire for parents to have healthy children and do whatever they can for their kids. There’s a huge market based on exactly that.”