2019 Alumni Award recipients

Kirsten Bauer

Photos by
John Ulan and Ryan Whitefield

Darren Freed, '97 BMedSc, '98 MD, '16 PostGradDip

Alumni Innovation Award

Jayan Nagendran, '00 BMedSc, '01 MD, '09 PhD

Alumni Innovation Award

Cardiac surgeons who co-created a revolutionary organ support and repair device called Ex-Vivo Organ Support System (EVOSS ™). This Alberta-made technology buys more time for organs to be assessed, repaired and transported, giving the potential to double or even triple the number of viable donor organs worldwide.

Donald Enarson, '69 BSc, '70 MD

Distinguished Alumni Award

Scientific director of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. Among the world's most distinguished researchers and consultants in the field of pulmonary health, including the study of tuberculosis, lung cancer and asthma.

Steven Knudsen, '84 BSc(CompEng), '87 MSc

Alumni Service Award

A dedicated volunteer, computer scientist, student mentor, innovative thinker and entrepreneur. Helped establish the Peer of Peers Award and The Pod, a program supporting students' entrepreneurial initiatives by providing interdisciplinary out-of-class learning and professional development opportunities.

Gary Lobay, '68 MD

Alumni Honour Award

The first microsurgeon at the U of A and among the first in Western Canada. Pioneer in the field of free tissue transfers, microsurgical nerve repair and limb replantation. Best known for performing the first limb replantation in Western Canada.

Tony Mok, '82 BMedSc, '84 MD

Alumni Honour Award

Driver of precision health. Chair of the Department of Clinical Oncology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Conducted multiple multinational studies that established the global standard on personalized biomarker and molecular targeted therapy for patients with lung cancer.