Trainee Professional Development

We are here to help you bring your professional development (PD) to an operational reality. Understand how to use your professional skills to bolster your day-to-day successes and learn how to communicate your strengths to any potential future employer.

Our programs are relevant to Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) trainees and build on your Individual Development Plan (IDP) and programming offered beyond our faculty at:

Professional Development

Career Development

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  • 1 - Studentship and Fellowship Preparation

    We don't write your application, but we can provide some guidance on how to plan and write each section to provide a reviewer with a clear, concise, and engaging proposal that demonstrates scientific rigor, agency-specific relevance, your successes-to-date, and a structured, personalized plan for your career development.

  • 2 - Skill Identification

    In the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, your research program will support your professional development and vice-versa. However, that doesn't mean that you will immediately appreciate the professional and transferable skills that you are taking on board, or that your professional development will be sufficient to support your career progression. This may be particularly true for trainees who have not participated in PD programming before.

    We can help you to recognize, and to articulate, the many skills developed over the course of a well-designed, well-supported, research program. We can also direct you to resources to help fill any gaps in your professional skills repertoire.

    Learn how to relate your professional experience to specific skills in:

    > Communication
    > Teamwork
    > Data management and analyses
    > Project management
    > Personnel management
    > Leadership

  • 3 - Micro-Mentoring and Career Planning

    Get ready to explore multiple work environments and appreciate the multitude of exciting and challenging prospects that are open to you. Learn how to connect with relevant professionals to learn whether you are already a good fit for the career of your choice, or if you need to integrate specific training or experience into your professional portfolio.